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Best Service Phantom Files MULTIFORMAT 英文版 DVD

This most creative library contains an extensive collection of rhythms, synthlines, soundscapes, abstracts, atmos, melodyphrases as well as fx - and noiseloops. A little bit ?other“ kind of sound-collection with high inspiration factor! An unusual panorama of pulsating and interlocked breaks and electro beats. Grooving energetic maniac, backing fx-loops, expressive and sometimes distressing atmospheres, gloomily distorted textures, enigmatically menacing drones and creatures, weird stingersounds, melancholic melodylines as well as surreal soundeffects and succinct synthlines. Ideally for all musicians hungry to experience the way into new sound dimensions.

Due to the huge amount of events, a multitude of combinations and variations can be created by layering several loops. The rhythmical backgrounds and gleaming atmos invite to create own complex and eventful sound-sceneries and sound-sculptures uncomplicated. By filter manipulations, for example equalizers, drum and instrumental loops can be transformed quickly into new percussive grooves and can be integrated as dynamic subloops into own drumlines and tracks. By pitch-shifting and reversal of the nalkxava loops or single sounds the user achieves far-reaching variations in the sound character. Many of the loops and sounds are so organised that one can transform them on account of the complex sound lines by an easy disassembling in the Sequencer into several single loops or one-shots. By moving of the start and end points of the sound events new tonal and musical climaxes can be generated, so that the own project can be formed multi-layered. The imminent desire for experiment and discover will be unlimited.

Due to the creative potential of combinations, this library can be adapted in spite of the cutting edge character, to the most different styles, eg related genres like Trip-Hop, Ambient, Synthpop, Tribal or other dance productions. By the complex sound material and the expressive soundlines, this library is also suitable to movies, advertisements, games, animations, sound design as well as web and multimedia productions.

An inspiring soundsource for all musicians who want to extend their creative horizo??n unconventionally. Let the Golem dance !

Content 8,3 Gb. The sounds appear in WAV, Apple loops (each approx. 3.26 GB) as well as in the Rex format (approx. 1.77 GB): 210 fx-loops and things, 157 melodic soundtracks, 892 processed beats, 253 soundcapes and ambiences.