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The Third Guild Modo and Photoshop Modeling and Texturing Old Ruins HELL 英文版 DVD

Learn how to model, UV map and to create custom weathered textures for Cambodian-style temple ruins, from the ground up, using modo and Photoshop.

Over the course of 19 videos Darryll Reynolds of GameBox Studios, Australia, guides you, stage-by-stage, through the process of building and texturing a medium-detail model, 60k polygons, based on just a few reference images and without the use of background guide images or known dimensions. During this process you will discover how to model irregular-shaped stone structures, how to UV map all parts of the model and export the UV outlines to Photoshop. Using Photoshop, Darryll will then show you how to combine multiple layers of mostly photographic material to create realistic, stained stone textures. These textures will be applied to various parts of the the model, back in modo, in order to complete the piece. This tutorial is suitable for novice (advanced beginner) - to- intermediate level modo users