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城市引擎 cityengine 英文版 DVD

The new CityEngine 2010.3 introduces important new features for the conceptual design stage, efficient urban environment creation and rule-based 2D-to-3D-conversion of GIS data.

The key highlights include enhancements such as direct export to e-on software's Vue, new tools for massing and urban design, long-awaited terrain editing and exporting functionalities, and improved OpenStreetMap import. In addition, a new example project featuring a medieval town is available for download. The key highlights are described below and a complete change set can be found in the Release Notes.

Click here for a complete list of CityEngine features.

Furthermore, the CityEngine VUE version for $299 is introduced - a cost-saving city modeling solution for 3D artists and 3D enthusiasts using e-on software's Vue.

3D Export to e-on software's Vue

Cities generated in CityEngine can now be exported directly to e-on software's Vue, the leading digital nature solution, using the .VOB file format. Inside Vue, the cities can then be surrounded by natural 3D landscapes complete with vegetation, skies and terrains.

New CGA Operations for Mass Modeling and Urban Design

CityEngine 2010.3 introduces practical and easy-to-use CGA operations for the rule-based generation of parcel layouts and building mass models. The operations can be used eg for the visualization and analysis of zoning laws as well as for the simple creation of complex and detailed building structures:

Cardinal direction selectors: world.north, object.front etc allow for simple semantic direction selection without complex pivot-scope-angle calculations.
Setback operation: Very powerful operation that allows to offset an arbitrary polygon along a subset of its sides, eg along the street side or along the north side.
L/O/U-shape operations: Smart parametric operations to create the popular L-, O-, U-shaped forms often used by architects and urban planners.
Scatter operation: Practical operation to for the controlled distribution of a number of elements along a surface or in a volume.

Terrain Alignment and Terrain Mesh Export

With CityEngine 2010.3 several new terrain tools are introduced: a terrain can now be aligned to shapes (including cut/fill volume calculations), the resolution of a terrain mesh can be controlled, and terrains can be exported as heightmap or polygon mesh.

Improved OpenStreetmap Import

To copy real cities or quickly create an urban environment for your design, you can download geospatial data from and import into CityEngine. Therefore, the OSM importer of CityEngine 2010.3 has been enhanced with type-based street width control and better building footprint support.

New Example for Download: Medieval Town

A new example project is provided which features a European Medieval Town, embedded in a hillside with lots of small pathways traversing the idyllic scenery. Included are detailed domestic buildings (two levels of detail), city walls and a procedural landscape. Check out the provided examples coming with CityEngine.