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BBC 火車寶寶 Chuggington 第一季52集

英語無字幕AVI(XviD mpeg-4)格式約適合3~6歲
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Join three new "trainees" — Wilson, Koko and Brewster — as they learn to ride the rails! These young engines have much to learn about themselves and the world around them. But the adventures awaiting them inChuggingtonwill build their self-confidence, awaken their sense of wonderment, and teach them the universal values critical to every childhood.

Meet the Engines

- Wilson is a lively multi-function engine with oodles of enthusiasm and confidence. His eagerness isn't always matched by his ability to pay attention, so he has some learning to do about listening and following instructions. He's always curious and ready to learn .

- Koko is a fearless passenger engine built for high speed. She loves to explore and have adventures, and to challenge her friends to a dare or a race. Although her spirit might get her into mischief, she is always well-meaning and knows when to apologise.

- Brewster is a strong diesel-electric train built for heavy loads. Other trainees may want to rush into action when they're given a mission, but sensible Brewster asks questions first. He's very dependable and can always be relied on when there's trouble.

- Hodge (built from a hodge-podge of parts) is a run-around chugger — a bit like a pick-up truck. With his "seen it all" attitude, it takes a lot to get Hodge excited. He is loyal to Eddie, the depot's handyman. Together they can solve any problem.

- Zephie is a young scissor-lift trolley. Unlike the other chuggers, she can spin round and scissor up and down in excitement. She is flighty, giggly, girly and fun. She knows when it's time to get to work, too.

- Vee is the depot announcer, with speakers all overChuggington. She keeps everything running on time and to schedule. After giving the chuggers their tasks, her dispatch board shows the destination, and indicates which coloured tunnel to take.

- Old Puffer Pete, steam train Pete is the oldest chugger inChuggington. Pete loves passing his wisdom on to the trainees. He drives them mad with his endless stories and can never remember their names, but they're very fond of him.

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Chuggington是一個與火車相關的虛擬世界, 與"托馬斯小火車"不同,它的場景定位在21世紀,充滿現代元素。 "托馬斯小火車"採用旁述敘事的方式,畫面灰暗,除火車面部會動外其他角色像玩具家家。 "托馬斯小火車"和"火車寶寶"表達的主題相似,但後者表述風格迥異,採用童聲對白,畫面鮮豔,所有角色都動感十足,充滿現代的快節奏。

Chuggington - 01 - Can't Catch Koko.avi

Chuggington - 02 - Wilson And The Elephant.avi

Chuggington - 03 - Breaking Brewster.avi

Chuggington - 04 - Koko And The Tunnel.avi

Chuggington - 05 - Late Again Eddie.avi

Chuggington - 06 - Bang Klang Wilson.avi

Chuggington - 07 - Koko And The Squirrels.avi

Chuggington - 08 - Hodge And The Magnet.avi

Chuggington - 09 - Clunky Wilson.avi

Chuggington - 10 - The Chugger Championships.avi

Chuggington - 11 - Cool Wilson.avi

Chuggington - 12 - Old Puffer Pete's Tour.avi

Chuggington - 13 - Brewster Goes Bananas.avi

Chuggington - 14 - Zephie's Zoomaround.avi

Chuggington - 15 - Wilson's Smooth Moves.avi

Chuggington - 16 - Action Brewster.avi

Chuggington - 17 - Koko's Puppy Training.avi

Chuggington - 18 - Koko On Call.avi

Chuggington - 19 - Outward Bound Olwin.avi

Chuggington - 20 - Brewster And The Dragon.avi
Chuggington- S01E21 - Wake Up Wilson [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E22 - Brewster Knows Best [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E23 - Koko Pulls It Off [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E24 - Wilson And The Ice Cream [WebRip (XviD)].avi
Chuggington- S01E25 - Wilson's Wacky Tour [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E26 - Wilson Gets A Wash [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E27 - Hodge's Secret [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E28 - Frostini's Fruit Fandango [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E29 - Zephie Ace Reporter [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E30 - Famous Emery [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E31 - Watch Out Wilson [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E32 - Brewster's Hobby [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E33 - Zephie's Monkey Business [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E34 - Poor Old Puffer Pete [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E35 - Inspector Emery [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E36 - Nurse Wilson [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E37 - Mtambo's Amazing Adventure [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E38 - Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E39 - Helpful Hodge [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E40 - Brewster to the Rescue [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E41 - Wilson & the Paint Wagon [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E42 - Eddie Finds Time [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E43 - Mtambo's Royal Tour [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E44 - Wilson & the Wild Wind [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E45 - Old Puffer Pete's Firebox [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E46 - Jet Pack Wilson [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E47 - Brewster's Little Helper [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E48 - Bubbly Olwin [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E49 - Koko Takes Charge [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E50 - Wilson's Paper Trail [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E51 - Puffer Pete's Big Show [WebRip (XviD)].avi

Chuggington- S01E52 - Training Time Harrison [WebRip (Xvid)].avi