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Ambiera CopperCube Studio Edition 6.0 Multilingual 多語言中文註冊版-交互式3D場景創建
Coppercube 是一種創建交互式 3D 場景的簡單工具 .可製作從最簡單三維全景到複雜的完整的三維遊戲。 編輯您在 Coppercube 編輯器中的 3D 場景。在編輯器中創建的 3D 幾何圖形或從其它 3D 建模工具導入它。適用於場景中項目的衝突設置、 紋理、 材料和其他。選擇一個目標 ,然後單擊發佈以測試您的 3d 場景。

Ambiera CopperCube Studio Edition 6.0 Multilingual 多語言中文註冊版-交互式3D場景創建

Coppercube可將場景、資源、邏輯直接導出成引擎支持的場景文件,不需編寫一行代碼即可生成簡單的遊戲或應用。自帶編輯器,無需編程即可做遊戲.可直接由Irrlicht引擎導出flash-swf(非靜態渲染,CopperCube flash-3D引擎的實時三維)或獨立的windows-exe文件.

用戶可以在任何程序設計語言中通過CopperCube 3應用Stage3D,而且無需編寫任何代碼。你可以在不用編程的情況下創造遊戲,3D模型審查,建築可視化以及產品的配置。支持Windows 7/Windows 10系統。

Create 3D apps in Flash, WebGL or as application! CopperCube can publish your 3d scenes using Flash or WebGL. And additionally, it can create standalone Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app programs as well. Create your scene or import your 3D models into the CopperCube 3D editor, set camera controllers, materials and more, and click 『publish'. CopperCube then creates a Flash .SWF file or a WebGL javascript/HTML file ready to be published on your website.

Ambiera CopperCube Studio Edition 6.0 Multilingual 多語言中文註冊版-交互式3D場景創建
Create everything from simple Panoramas to full Games
There is no limit in what can be created with CopperCube. Use the built-in panorama editor to create simple 360 degree panorama viewers or the free 3d scene mode to create architectural visualizations, model viewers or even full featured games.

No Programming necessary!
Creating interactive 3D scenes can be done using CopperCube without the need to write one single line of code. There are even selectable behaviors for artificial intelligence controlled enemies. But if you want to make your scenes even more interactive, you can script and access everything in the engine using ActionScript 3 or javascript.

Features of CopperCube
– CopperCube is a 3D engine / editor with deployment targets for Flash (.swf), WebGL/javascript (.html), Windows (.exe) and Mac OS X (.app). You can create simple interactive 3D scenes without the need to write one single line of code (=no programming necessary), or even create whole games with the help of a little bit of scripting magic.
– Import your 3D models into the CopperCube editor and publish them directly as Flash swf file or WebGL app for websites, or as standalone Windows .exe or Mac OS X .app file.
– CopperCube supports realtime 3D character animation, also known as skeletal animation. It supports playing back animated meshes with an unlimited amount of joints and an unlimted amount of weights. You can model and animate animated characters using any 3d software, exporting it into one of the following file formats and then importing them into Coppercube:
# Milkshape (.ms3d)
# Microsoft DirectX (.x)
# B3D files (.b3d)
– The CopperCube editor has a built-in lightmapper which can enhance the appearence of your 3D scene greatly. Just place a few lights and click 『calculate'. The lightmapper even features global illumination effects and is very simple to use.
– When publishing your interactive 3D scene CopperCube utilizes either OpenGL, Direct3D, WebGL or Stage3D/Molehill to render the scene with a highspeed, hardware accelerated render engine. An incredible amount of polygons is possible to be used then. Additionally, the following features are supported:
# Fullscreen anti aliasing
# Vertical Syncronization
# 3D sounds (.wav, .ogg, .mod, .it and more)
# Fullscreen mode
– To make your 3D scenes even more interactive, you can utilize CopperCube's simple click-only event/action system or even scripts and and influence every aspect of the whole scene.
– Whether you want to create simple 3D games or prototype your AAA title, CopperCube includes precreated game AI behaviors and actions, since CopperCube version 2. No need to program anything, just click your game characters and enemies together.