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VovSoft Sticky Notes 5.0-電腦桌面便簽軟件
vov sticky notes是一款電腦桌面的便簽軟件,相信大家對於便簽都已經非常熟悉了,就是將需要執行的任務以小紙條的方式編輯,然後貼在自己容易看到的地方,這樣就可以知道自己接下來需要執行的任務,避免高度繁忙的工作導致忘記一些重要的事件;vov sticky notes就是讓您在電腦上設置便簽的工具,可以建立電子便簽,將需要記錄的任務粘貼在電腦最顯眼的位置,啟動電腦就可以看到桌面的便簽,讓您可以更好的記憶工作任務!

VovSoft Sticky Notes 5x | 
Add digital stickers to your desktop and create reminders for your upcoming events, tasks or meetings using this intuitive software.

Place helpful sticky notes on your desktop and set up reminders for important events, with this straightforward, easy-to-use application. Given that most of us spend hours in front of our computers every day, it makes perfect sense to place important reminders on our desktop, where it is almost impossible not to notice them.
Vov Sticky Notes is a fairly simple program that enables you to create stickers which, just like post-it notes, serve to keep important information at hand. Additionally, it allows you to set up desktop alerts for upcoming events.

Straightforard sticky note app that could use some improvements
The application’s main function is to enable the user to place colorful stickers on their desktop. You can create as many as you like, resize them and change the text font, but there is no option to hide the title bar and the Delete and New buttons.
Additionally, the name displayed in the title bar is generated automatically, and it is not possible to keep notes on top of all other windows.

Lastly, the notes cannot be hidden after they have been created. Therefore, you will have to delete stickers if you wish to remove them from your desktop.
Allows you to set up helpful reminders, but it lacks some useful features

Vov Sticky Notes enables you to create reminders that display a notification on your desktop at specific times. These can be one-time, hourly, daily, monthly or annual alerts.
However, you cannot choose between multiple types of notifications, disable the default alert sound or replace it with a personalized one.

Moreover, it is not possible to edit reminders once they have been created. While they can be deleted easily from the system tray menu, it may be difficult to identify specific notes due to the fact that their descriptions are not displayed.

Basic sticky note app that needs more work
In conclusion, Vov Sticky Notes is not a particularly impressive application, as it lacks a number of important features. It can be used to create simple desktop stickers and set up reminders, but it needs to be improved in several respects.

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