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SecureCRT and SecureFX 8.5.3 MacOSX- 強大專業的終端 SSH 工具
SecureCRT將堅如磐石的終端仿真與Secure Shell協議的強大加密,數據完整性和身份驗證選項結合在一起。 SecureCRT為組織中的每個人提供安全的遠程訪問,文件傳輸和數據隧道。提供強大的多協議安全防護轉換,設置和配置,監控和自動化支持。SecureFX for Mac提供完整的功能,包括SFTP,SCP,TLS上的FTP和FTP等多種協議。 SecureFX是一個靈活,安全的文件傳輸應用程序,具有易於學習的可視化界面。 SecureFX提供網站同步和自動化等高級功能,幫助網頁設計師和網絡管理員簡化日常任務。 與SecureCRT集成可節省共享會話和設置的時間。

SecureCRT and SecureFX 8.x| MacOSX 
SecureFX for Mac OS X delivers complete functionality right out of the gate, with multiple protocols that include SFTP, SCP, FTP over SSL, and FTP. Advanced features include site synchronization and the ability to recover interrupted transfers easily. Integration with SecureCRT saves time with shared sessions and settings.

Key Benefits
- Maintain file systems and documents securely. Transfer files across networks and the internet with a choice of SFTP over SSH2, FTP over SSL, SCP, or FTP for access to legacy systems.
- Get started quickly. Connect to sessions from the main application window using the Connect bar, then organize those sessions with the easy-to-learn tabbed interface.
- Leverage the high-productivity UI. Drag and drop files to start transfers (Windows only), even between SecureFX and applications like WinZip. Quickly find the files you want to work with using the filter view, bookmarks, and the address bar.
- Synchronize files. Upload, download, and mirror files. Use filtering to include or exclude files or file types. Store configurations for multiple sites.
- Recover more easily when transfers fail. SecureFX works to complete interrupted transfers, automatically resuming multi-file transfers.
- Save steps with integrated SecureFX and SecureCRT®. Set up connections with shared sessions and server host keys. Common sessions and settings reduce repeated steps.
- Make transfers unattended. The SFXCL command-line client (Windows and Linux only) allows you to automate tasks with powerful options like site synchronization.
- Comply with Federal standards. Use security protocols that help meet HIPAA, SOX, and other guidelines, including FIPS 140-2.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
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