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Lynda com Natalie Fobes The Elements of Effective Photographs 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 CD 出品的時長1小時36分鐘的攝影術的基礎培訓視頻教程。由Natalie Fobes傳授充分利用攝影室或場所的各種元素拍攝出出眾的照片。教學探討了構圖元素的原理知識,色彩和光線在照片中的作用,室內照明怎樣擺弄才看似像自然光,以及抓拍快速移動場景照片的各種技術等等。

In this course, Pulitzer-nominated photographer Natalie Fobes takes viewers into the studio and on location to explore the many elements that combine to make an effective photo.

The course explores compositional elements that guide a viewer's eye, including the rule of thirds; leading lines, patterns, and curves; and depth of field. Natalie then details the roles of color and light in a photo. She shows how to work with the natural light in a room or outdoor location, and how to enhance it using reflectors, newspapers, a T-shirt, or whatever might be handy. She also shows some simple indoor lighting setups that can replicate the look of natural light.

The course continues with a look at movement and how a photographer can convey a sense of motion by blurring part of the image or freezing a fast-moving subject. Next, Natalie explores the concepts of peak action and the decisive moment—those split seconds that capture the essence or emotion of a subject or scene. The course wraps up with a discussion of the roles of planning and research in creating effective photos.




Welcome 01m 20s
What makes an effective photograph? 06m 05s

16m 19s
1. The Essentials of Composition The rule of thirds 02m 50s
Creating movement and interest 02m 16s
Foreground, background, and in-between 02m 36s
Depth of field as a composing tool 03m 50s
Depth of field and bokeh 04m 47s

25m 01s
2. The Role of Color Sunrise and sunset: The Kelvin scale 02m 29s
White balance: Beyond natural light 01m 04s
White balance in camera 03m 45s
Using color according to color theory 04m 13s
Color in post 05m 59s
Black and white 02m 36s
Black and white in post 04m 55s

15m 13s
3. Light and Lighting The message of light 02m 29s
One-light setup 04m 41s
Two-light setup 02m 11s
Seeing and enhancing natural light 03m 32s
Changing and replicating natural light 02m 20s

16m 49s
4. Motion The role of motion in photography 00m 42s
Camera settings for freezing or blurring motion 03m 12s
Techniques for panning 04m 09s
Other ways to create motion 00m 46s
Creating blur in Photoshop 08m 00s

08m 21s
5. The Decisive Moment Peak action 05m 25s
Capturing the decisive moment 02m 56s

07m 36s
Conclusion The importance of research 02m 38s
Planning for your shoot 04m 11s
Goodbye 00m 47s