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駕照考試雙語版 Trafikskolan.TEO 2011.BILINGUAL English Swedish CD

語言:英語 、瑞典語

Traffic School TEO是為你提供瑞典駕照考試的方便助手,使您更容易完成SRA理論,是傳統教育材料的補充。它提供了駕駛執照考試A(摩托車)和B(汽車)的電腦模擬理論考試題庫。該程序採用最新60個題庫反映了當前的交通規則,包含有大約800題理論考試題目。同時該程序也提供了英語版本。
Traffic School TEO is a handy helper for you to take a license exam. TEO makes it easier for you to succeed on the SRA theory and is a complement to the traditional educational material. TEO offers interactive study questions for a driving license A (motorcycle) and B (car). The program is updated with 60 new questions to reflect current traffic and thus contains about. 800 theory questions! With the program you can learn all the signs and test your knowledge for the SRA's theory. For the parts you find hard to be page references to the most common theory books on the market. It is also possible to implement a diagnostic final test with the same structure and appearance that the SRA's theory. The final test is to ensure that you have the knowledge required to move forward and finally take your driver's license!
Traffic School TEO 2011 contains:
* Approx. 800 current issues for the A and B power divided by category.
* SRA interface for the knowledge test.
* User-based history.
* Page references to the most common theory books on the market.
* You & I in traffic, Pathfinder, license book, Theory Paper - driving, motorcycle-book (STR), MC-BOOK - driving (Liber)
* English as a selectable language.