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TomTom.Maps.of.Italy.860.3126 英文版 CD

TomTom recently announced their GO line that includes the flagship TomTom GO 910. With a loads of features, the unit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The TomTom GO line, the TomTom GO 910 brings a design to the party, a wider 4 inch LCD display /1/2 inch bigger than previous models, pre installed safety camera database as well as TomTom HOME software. It will also have the Hands Free features common on TomTom GOs so you can drive and talk on your Bluetooth phone. A completely feature in the TomTom GO 910 is the text to speech functionality.
In other words : the possibility to convert written text to spoken words by means of software. For this the software uses human sounds and intonation to make sure the spoken word sounds natural. This enables the GO 910 to say streetnames and road numbers out loud. All this is done in an effort to make navigating with your TomTom even better. The TomTom GO 910 will also support playing of MP3s, audiobooks and podcasts. The TomTom GO 910 will come with a 20GB hard drive reportedly with 16GB for your MP3s and jpgs .

TOMTOM 1V00984 GO 910 GPS Receiver
Easy to use : Extra wide 4 in LCD touchscreen gives you smart design and easy to use navigation literally at your fingertips.

Maps of the USA, Canada, and Europe on hard disk : Door to door navigation across the USA, Canada, and Europe.
Clear spoken instructions, including street and place names : TomTom GO 910 speaks 36 languages in over 50 different voices and can even announce street and place names.

Hands free calling : Doubles as a hands free car kit using Bluetooth technology. So you can make and receive calls as you drive with just a touch of the screen.
Smart extras : Built in Mp3 player; 20 Gb /12 Gb free of hard disk, enough for 1000s of songs and pictures; remote control; and much more.

Best routes :
The latest and most complete maps : Detailed maps of the USA, Canada and Europe, all pre installed on a 20 Gb hard disk. Allowing you seamless door to door navigation throughout these regions without having to switch maps.
Route choice : Plan your route to fit your requirements, such as : quickest, shortest, and avoiding toll roads, by required arrival time, etc.
Points of Interest : Restaurant, parking garage, movie theater or gas station. Millions of POIs pre installed. Search by proximity to current location, on your route, near a specific city, etc.

Smart extras :
20 Gb hard disk : With 12 Gb free, TomTom GO 910 has enough space for thousands of your songs, photos, and more.
mp3 player : Play your stored music and audiobooks on the built in mp3 player through the high quality GO speaker or via your car stereo, and even manage your music using the ingenious TomTom Jukebox.
Text to speech : TomTom GO 910 can announce street and place names and even read you out your text messages / text message reading on compatible phones, check here.

Remote control : You or a passenger can operate your GO from anywhere in the car. Making your journey easier and safer.
TomTom PLUS :
Real time traffic : Up to the minute traffic information, jam alerts and road condition warnings.