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TrainSignal出品-VMware vSphere雲計算架構系統故障排除視頻教程TrainSignal.VMware.Troubleshooting.Training 英文版 DVD

TrainSignal出品的VMware vSphere雲計算架構系統的故障排除視頻教程。
內容:學習一切你需要了解對vShpere部署進行進階故障排除的專業技能與能力。 David Davis講述如何利用日誌文件排除vSphere管理故障,如何預防HA cluster(高可用集群High Availability Cluster)的停機,什麼方式中止vNetwork分佈式交換機的處理,如何快速對vSphere備份和運行等等。
Learn Everything You Need to Know to Start Troubleshooting vSphere Like a vExpert
This course will show you how to troubleshoot vSphere using log files, how to prevent downtime with your HA cluster, ways to deal with broken vNetwork Distributed Switches, how to quickly get vSphere back up and running, and much more!
Nearly 14 Hours of VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Training Videos Jam Packed on 2 DVDs!
Multiple File Formats Make It Convenient for You To Learn Anywhere You Go! iPod Video, Mp3 Audio, .WMV & high quality .AVI video
PDF of Instructor Notes allow you to follow along with the videos and take more organized notes.
Instant Access Online to the entire training course
Frequently Asked Questions for VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Training
Am I qualified to take this training course?
YES! If you are a middle to upper level enterprise network administrator, and/or have taken our VMware vSphere Training course or have done hands-on work with vSphere, you'll benefit from the advanced troubleshooting techniques presented in our vSphere Troubleshooting Training course .
Do I need any special equipment to complete this training course?
NO! All you need is a computer with Internet Explorer and a media player; however, working hands-on with VMware vSphere may enhance your training experience. You can download a free 60 day evaluation of VMware vSphere from if you would like to use vSphere to follow along with the course demonstrations.