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數據備份/還原軟件 EASEUS Todo Backup Server v2.0 英文版 CD

EASEUS Todo Backup是一個免費的硬碟備份、還原軟體,跟以前大家熟悉的Norton Ghost或後來的Acronis True Image...等軟體的功能類似,可以讓我們備份硬碟中的資料、完整備份Windows系統、全硬碟備份、備份硬碟分割區、硬碟對拷…等,都是大家平常備份電腦時會用到的功能。
比較特別的是,EASEUS Todo Backup還內建了備份檔預覽功能,可用「mount」功能將原本的備份檔掛載成一個獨立的磁碟機(虛擬硬碟),在「我的電腦」視窗中看起來就像是一個完全獨立的硬碟空間,方便我們隨時取用之前備份的檔案。
EASEUS Todo Backup Server is the Windows Server backup and disaster recovery, system migration solutions for both physical and virtual Windows Server environments. It provides companies and organizations with powerful data backup recovery features such as fast system files backup, disaster recovery, advanced backup scheduler and comprehensive backup management tools. It will simplify both basic and advanced server backup recovery management while minimizing server downtime as well as ensuring business continuity.
Minimize server downtime and ensure business continuity
It just takes a few minutes to back up the whole system, files folders, applications and settings and even backup open files.
Fast and easy operating system backup recovery solution
Fast back up the operating system and instant recovery in case of a System Crash or Viruses. No need to reinstall Windows or any applications to save the trouble and time while ensuring the business continuity.
Advanced scheduler to simplify and automate backup
Set a timetable based on your backup management schedule for your backups and perform a set it and forget it backup on servers.
Email notifying administrator backup results
Email notifying and reporting to monitor success or failure.
Restore at a granular level
Choose the files you want to recover if there is no need to recover entire image to minimize downtime.
Simplify system migration or hard disk upgrade to new hardware
The feature universal restore helps you easily restore the system and files to dissimilar hardware configuration for hardware replacement.
P2V image files convert support
Convert hard disk or partition image file to VMware or virtual PC format to run on a virtual machine.
Easy backup all files - backup full operating system and applications, files folders, hard disk partition, or just selectively backup specified files folders for full protection.
Advanced incremental backup - only backup the changes of your files and save the storage space.
Multiple backup storage and double protect server - back up the system or files to a local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, CD/DVD or remote FTP server for double protection if disaster occurs.
Fast crashed system restore - backup the current operating system to a safe place and fast recover to its previous healthy working state in case of system crash.
Back up to FTP server for double protection - backup operating system and files to remote FTP server and double protect your data with immediate offsite backup.
Universal restore - restore the system including files, applications and settings to new and dissimilar hardware in minutes for system migration or hardware replacement.
WinPE recovery support - fast and easy to recover system in case of system crash.
Script (Pre and Post Command) function - define commands (scripts) to execute the commands after or before backup tasks.
Password protection for data security - set password for hard disk image and protect files from invalid access.
Email notification - Email notifying and reporting to monitor success or failure.
Better support Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
Free technical support - provide free technical support for all products.