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三維動畫製作軟件 NewTek.LightWave.3D.v10.MACOSX.32.64BIT 英文版 CD

NewTek 公司開發的LightWave 3D 是一款高性價比的三維動畫製作軟件。它的功能非常強大,是業界為數不多的幾款重量級三維動畫軟件之一。
LightWave 3D 從有趣的AMIGA 開始,發展到今天已經成為一款功能非常強大的三維動畫軟件,被廣泛應用在電影、電視、遊戲、網頁、廣告、印刷、動畫等各領域。它的操作簡便,易學易用,在生物建模和角色動畫方面功能異常強大;基於光線跟踪、光能傳遞等技術的渲染模塊,令它的渲染品質幾盡完美。它以其優異性能倍受影視特效製作公司和遊戲開發商的青睞。火爆一時的好萊塢大片《TITANIC》中細緻逼真的船體模型、《RED PLANET》中的電影特效以及《恐龍危機2》、《生化危機-代號維洛尼卡》等許多經典遊戲均由LightWave 3D 開發製作完成。

These days, with the creative process, artists need to move at maximum speed in order to tackle incredible deadlines, demanding work and high expectations. Using LightWave??, either exclusively or in a pipeline, makes it possible for an individual, a small team or a major facility to see their dreams and ideas come to life, with award-winning quality work, on time and on budget. LightWave artists all over the world say they can count on it for speed, flexibility, value and control.
LightWave is a complete 3D solution to model, render and animate. Used extensively in broadcast television production, film visual effects, video game development, print graphics and visualization, LightWave is responsible for more artists winning Emmy?? Awards than any other 3D application.