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決策分析軟件 TreeAge Pro Suite v2011. 英文版 CD

TreeAge 是一個能幫助健康保險和生技醫藥產業方面擬定決策的軟件。例如臨床決策,免疫學,流行病學等的模型(models)與各種介入的結果研究(outcomes research),可藉由decision analysis,cost effectiveness analysis, Markov modeling, Monte Carlo simulation 等分析作為決策最好的依據。如果一個藥品/醫療器材/療程非常具有醫療效益,它不僅可以有效的一直疾病減低病人病痛,還可以減少健保局的醫療指出,提升該藥品的市場佔有率及該藥廠的名聲,以致降低整個社會的成本。

此外,TreeAge並非只是一套適用於醫療方面的軟件,如TreeAge Pro就是專門為非醫療方面的專業領域所設計的,最常被律師、遊說團體,銀行界等廣泛使用。

TreeAge Pro套裝(TreeAge Pro Suite)組合了TreeAge軟件模塊的強大功能,包括:

所有的我們TreeAge Pro核心模塊的強大的建模,分析和報告功能
TreeAge Pro Healthcare模塊的高級衛生保健功能-包括強大的Monte Carlo模擬特徵和特定的衛生保健圖表和圖形。
通過TreeAge Pro Excel 緊密結合Excel軟件

TreeAge Pro Suite提供新的基礎軟件和許多通用特徵和界面元素以用來加速您的研究和決策制定。這個版本是使TreeAge軟件成為靈活和功能強大的分析平台的一次重大飛躍。 TreeAge Pro Suite以單獨產品為基礎增強了能力,並且通過無縫的配合工作來增強功能。

TreeAge Pro Suite是一套集成的軟件包,優化用於醫藥研究公司,衛生保健供應商,流行病學專家和其他從事生命科學研究和分析的人員。套裝提供了一整套用於各種衛生保健應用的非常容易使用的決策分析解決方案。


我們先進的TreeAge Pro Suite可以幫助您:

從TreeAge Pro Suite直接導出信息到Excel中,反之亦然


TreeAge Pro Suite 提供了用於healthcare行業的最高級的和最廣泛的決策分析工具集,包括:

Monte Carlo模擬特徵陣列,包括靈活的元算法則和敏感性分析能力
直接鏈接到Excel電子表單,允許快速從TreeAge Pro Suite或您的電子表單中進行修改

A Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Healthcare Applications

TreeAge Pro Suite combines the power and functionality of TreeAge software modules, including:
All of the powerful modeling, analysis and reporting capabilities of our TreeAge Pro core module
The advanced healthcare functionality of the TreeAge Pro Healthcare module - including powerful Monte Carlo simulation features and healthcare-specific charts and graphs
Tight integration with Excel software via TreeAge Pro Excel

TreeAge Pro Suite provides new base software and many common features and interface elements to speed your research and decision making. This release is a major step forward in fulfilling the TreeAge Software commitment to a flexible and productive analytical platform. TreeAge Pro Suite builds on the strengths of the individual products and enhances their ability to work together seamlessly.

TreeAge Pro Suite is an integrated package optimized for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, epidemiologists and others engaged in research and analysis in life sciences. The Suite delivers a complete and easy-to-use decision analysis solution for a variety of healthcare applications.

Key Benefits
Our state of the art TreeAge Pro Suite helps you:
Model and analyze complex healthcare decisions, incorporating uncertainty
Understand healthcare tradeoffs, evaluating the comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of similar drugs and treatments
Leverage Excel functionality, existing Excel models and data from spreadsheets and tables
Export information from the TreeAge Pro Suite directly into Excel, and vice versa
Communicate your findings using healthcare-specific charts and graphs

The TreeAge Pro Suite provides the most advanced and comprehensive set of decision analysis tools for the healthcare industry, including:
Decision trees and influence diagrams
Comparative Effectiveness, cost-effectiveness Markov modeling and analysis tools
A full array of Monte Carlo simulation features, including a flexible algorithm and sensitivity analysis capabilities
A multi-processor capability for handling complex models and long simulations
A direct link to Excel spreadsheets, allowing speedy changes from within either the TreeAge Pro Suite or your spreadsheet
A full complement of tools for outcomes research and pharmacoeconomic modeling