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交互式三維數據可視化系統 IVS 3D Fledermaus v7.2.0.411 Professional 英文版 CD

IVS 3D Fledermaus Professional
Fledermaus專業版所採用的核心技術與Fledermaus標準版一樣。但是增加了大量的高級工具包括:複雜區域編輯模塊、管道與路徑規劃、實時對象跟踪等等。 Fledermaus專業版被廣泛應用於海洋測量的編輯與控制、海底構造調查、軍事偵察以及海岸資源調查與製圖。

Fledermaus Professional is a powerful 3D data visualization system that uses the same core technologies as Fledermaus Standard, plus adds a sophisticated Area Based Editing module, cable and route planning, and real-time tracking of objects. Fledermaus Professional is used in a variety of applications such as swath bathymetry editing and quality control, marine construction, military applications, and coastal zone mapping.

Featuring the same intuitive data display as Fledermaus Standard, Fledermaus Professional is capable of visualizing large volumes of data of numerous types in a single 3D scene with the powerful ShiftScapeTM rendering engine. Data display can be controlled with the Bat, an intuitive 6 degree of freedom input device.

A wide variety of industry standard formats are supported for direct import of data to the 3D scene, and Fledermaus also allows data from remotely operated vehicles, ships or other entities, to be visualized in real-time. Due to its flexible object oriented software design , Fledermaus can be easily tailored to support many additional visualization modules.

If you would like more information on Fledermaus, the full documentation is available online. A free viewer for Fledermaus files named iView3D is also available.