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多軌音頻編輯軟件 Acoustica.Mixcraft.5.2.Build.151 英文版 CD

Acoustica Mixcraft? Recording Studio是一款帶效果器的多軌音頻軟件,包含反相、失真、延遲、均衡、壓縮、合唱等效果。支持迴聲過濾,並且是一個功能強大的循環編輯器。 32位聲音引擎支持廣播級別的WAV文件並能輸出MP3、OGG、WMA等格式。
Sound Engine:
? Wave (WDM), ASIO? and Vista's WaveRT low latency audio support.
? MIDI input and output support. Will work with any USB MIDI keyboard or any keyboard connected to a MIDI interface.
? Support for VSTi ? virtual instruments. Bundled virtual instruments include:
° MinimogueVA classic analog synthesizer recreation.
° VB3 Organ virtual tonewheel organ with rotary speaker emulator.
° Impulse polyphonic analog synthesizer.
° Acoustica Instruments, a large collection of high quality multi-sampled instruments organized in General MIDI format.
° Acoustica Grand Piano and Acoustica Classical Piano, ultra-professional 250 Megabyte quadruple-strike sampled grand pianos.
? 32 bit sound engine supports recording and playback of broadcast quality audio up to 192 kHz and 32 bits.
? Time stretch any sound from 25% to 400% with FlexAudio? without affecting the pitch! No chipmunks!
? Pitch shift sounds from -24 to +12 semitones!
? Use an unlimited number of tracks and effects.
? Automatically detects beats points, keys and tempos of imported songs.
? Import WAV, AIF, OGG, WMA, and MP3 files!
? 18 powerful, built-in, effects including reverb, delay, EQ, compressor, flanger, chorus, distortion, auto filter, master limiter, phaser and a guitar amp simulator.
? Shape each sound's volume, pan and resonant filters with unlimited envelope points.
? Support for DirectX? VST? effects, including plug-in delay compensation.
? Edit any sound to make a loop. Pick sections of prerecorded songs and extract and perfect loops for remixing. Adjust loop points to visual beat marks.
? Edit MIDI data in the piano roll editor. Perfect MIDI loops by adjusting the loop points. Edit notes and controller information.
? Create mega presets which combine multiple virtual instruments and effects. Set the key range, velocity sensitivity, transposition, pan and volume for each instrument.
? Load in standard MIDI files.
? Add your own photos or images to each track header.
? Edit each track's color, size and position in a variety of ways.
? Intuitive design and keyboard controls for quick work flow.
? Work in beats / measures mode or in time mode.
? Adjust the snap to grid setting which allows you to work and edit in whole notes, quarter notes, etc.
? Split, cut, copy, delete and paste sounds with ease.
? Easily move sounds around with drag and drop or via the keyboard.
? Cross fade sounds automatically by visually overlapping them.
? Create precise, custom loops extracted from existing songs.