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蘋果Mac OSX 10.6 雪豹操作系統新功能教程 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features Mac only 英文版 DVD9


Mac OS X 既簡單易用且功能強大。所有的一切- 從啟動Mac 後所看到的桌面,到你日常使用的應用程序,都設計得簡約精緻。無論是瀏覽網絡、查看郵件和外地朋友視頻聊天,所有事情都簡單高效、趣味盎然。當然,簡化複雜任務要求尖端科技,而Mac OS X 正擁有這些尖端科技。它不僅使用基礎堅實、久經考驗的UNIX 系統提供空前的穩定性,還提供超強性能、超炫圖形並支持互聯網標準。

蘋果在Snow Leopard中對大量操作系統模塊重寫源代碼,從Carbon API轉為Cocoa。雖然Snow Leopard並不是一個全面革新的版本,並且從外觀看上去變化不大,但Snow Leopard事實上進行了多處改良,包括對64位的支持、OpenCL技術的應用、Finder反應更加靈敏、Mail處理信息更快,Time Machine第一次備份速度加快80%,QuickTime X播放器重新設計等。本教程將針對新版中突出的全新功能一一講解。

Mac OS X has been rewritten from the ground up, and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features highlights all of the most important and user-relevant aspects of this release. Experienced instructor and lifelong Mac user Garrick Chow introduces current Mac users to the improvements in the latest OS. While not a complete overhaul of the operating system, this update does address a fair number of internal systems and external user features. Garrick explores all of these updates, including enhancements to the Finder and the Dock and a completely revamped QuickTime player. He shows the wealth of improvements to built-in applications like Safari, Preview, iChat, and Mail, and explains the updated 64-bit support within Snow Leopard.

Software works on: Mac only.
Released on: 9/17/2009