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DS CATIA Composer R2019
DS CATIA Composer R2019 英文正式版(DVD版)(專業的3D設計軟體)

3DVIA Composer是 3DVIA Composer 解決方案的核心產品。作為一種桌面應用程序,可用於直接從 3D 數字產品數據創建產品文檔內容。

3DVIA Composer 是為非 CAD 人員設計的,不需要 CAD 知識或培訓。可以按現有公司標準創建爆炸視圖,並加上標籤和零件序號進行註解。

此外,3DVIA Composer 允許創建樣式和智能視圖,後兩者可應用於任何內容以確保視覺效果的一致性。

使用 3DVIA Composer 的內置技術圖解功能可以輕鬆快捷地製作 2D 線條圖。輸出內容包括 3D 動畫以及 JPEG、SVG、CGM 等高分辨率圖像。

3DVIA Sync是一種自動化工具,該工具可關聯 3DVIA Composer 生成的內容與 3DCAD 數據。

元數據、幾何圖形或產品結構中的更改可以在 3DVIA Composer 生成的內容中自動進行更新,從而確保文檔的準確性和一致性。

3DVIA Safe是一種加載項實用程序,用戶可用來控制和管理對 3DVIA Composer 生成的內容知識產權的訪問。

有了 3DVIA Safe,內容創建者可以在用3DVIA Player 播放內容時管理訪問控制,還可以使用專利技術“Secure 3D Brush”防止對知識產權的複製或盜用。

3DVIA Check是一種加載項實用程序,利用該實用程序,用戶能確保各種操作步驟在現實中得以執行。

3DVIA Check 提供動態和靜態碰撞檢測,允許用戶快速檢驗維修和裝配工藝。

這樣,可以確保操作員能夠對裝配體中的零部件進行維護或修理。3DVIA Player 是一種免費產品,文件接收者可利用它來查看 3DVIA Composer 生成的文檔。

3DVIA Player 的高性能與 3DVIA Composer 沒有什麼兩樣。3DVIA Player 決不只是一個簡單的瀏覽器,文件接收者可用它來獲得與產品文檔高度互動的體驗。

此外,3DVIA Player 還能嵌入到 MS Office 應用程序、HTML 和 PDF 中。

he Dassault Systemes product team is pleased to announce the availability of CATIA Composer R2019. There release delivers functions implemented based on customer inputs. The resulting enhancements help improve productivity and overall user experiences even further.

What's new in DS CATIA Composer R2019:

- UI Updates/Improvements: The following items are newly available with the latest release:
. Modernized icons for enhanced visibility
. New command search input in the ribbon
. Select Adjacent Parts
. Display of the number of actors selected
. Grouping hotspot/selection sets
. Avoid overwriting backup data (Auto Save Versioning)
. New indicator of Intelligent View at the right bottom corner
. Lock views
. Search Collaborative Actors
- More Language Support:Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish are now supported.
- Fixed Size Arrows and Red Line Display Control: New options are added in the Properties pane to fix the size of the linear arrow and show / hide red lines and construction lines for dimensions
- Occlusion on Sync: Occlusion module is integrated into Sync and Enterprise Sync
- Automatic Camera Key Creation in Animation Library: Camera keys are automatically added to the timeline while using the Animation Library. When Camera Centering is chosen as “Auto”, Composer will automatically add camera keys at the beginning and at the end of the step.
- OpenGL Update: Implemented with the latest OpenGL libraries for more stable experiences with Intel HD graphics (like Surface Pro)
- Support of CATIA V5-6 R2018 (R28): We can now import CATIA V5-6 R2018 (R28) GA files.
- Support of Creo 4.0: We can now import Pro/E Creo 4.0 files
- Better Support for SOLIDWORKS

. Manage the new Envelope object from SOLIDWORKS.
. Import PMI to enable 3D Master
. Data management with SOLIDWORKS PDM with live cycle

Product: DS CATIA Composer
Version: R2019 (build
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Server 2008 (2012)