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哲学入门 Philosophy for Beginners 牛津大学开放课 英文版 DVD 只于电脑播放

哲学是一个千古年来研究的课题,涉及理性的使用以及对现实真理的探索争论--关于自然界、伦理学、美学、语言、思想、上帝等等所有的一切。这个系列包含五个介绍讲座,是牛津大学再教育部门的Marianne Talbot针对哲学新生设计的。通过一些著名的实例来测试学生并且介绍一些主要的哲学问题和主要哲学家的观点。
Marianne Talbot
Philosophy of Mind, Ethics
Career & Education
1987-1990 College Lecturer in Philosophy, Pembroke College, Oxford
1990-2000 College Lecturer in Philosophy, Brasenose College, Oxford
2001- present Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy, OUDCE
1996-2000 Chair, National Forum for Values in Education and the Community (responsible for producing the values underpinning the National Curriculum)
1996-2000 Responsible for the promotion, in maintained schools, of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
2001 Appointed to the Council of the Girls’ Day School Trust
2000 Member: The Cabinet Office’s project team on Vision and Values
1998- 2001 Member, Government’s advisory group on Personal, Social and Health Education
1998 Member, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority’s advisory group on Preparation for Adult Life
1988 Member, Government’s advisory group on Citizenship and the Teaching of Democracy in Schools
1996-2000 Member, the RSA’s steering committee for The Forum for Ethics in the Workplace
1998-now Member of the University Court, Brookes University, Oxford
1987- 2002 Governor, Oxford Girls’ High School